Join our podiatry team in the Netherlands!

Are you a (almost graduated) podiatrist and looking for a challenge abroad? Or are you struggling to find a challenging and well-paid job as a podiatrist in your country of residence? Then we would like to invite you to join RondOm Podotherapeuten, the biggest podiatry company in the Netherlands! 

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Your future job

As a podiatrist at RondOm, you will work as a healthcare professional specialising in the examination, treatment and prevention of complaints of feet, ankles, knees, hips, pelvis, back, neck and shoulders. You will work with the latest examination and treatment techniques such as ultrasound, shockwave, dry needling, Run3D analysis, digital pressure measurement analysis (Footwork), EXO-L braces, taping and podiatric (sports) soles.

What do we have to offer?

  • A job at the biggest podiatry company in the Netherlands for 32 to 40 hours a week;
  • The use of the latest research and treatment techniques: ultrasound, shockwave, dry needling, Run3D analysis, digital pressure measurement analysis, taping, (sports) podiatric insoles and more;
  • An experienced, fun, friendly and international team;
  • A good salary and paid lunch breaks;
  • You get your own car and we help you find a house to live;
  • A good pension provision;
  • Career opportunities in (management) positions;
  • The opportunity to study further;
  • Dutch language courses.

Your profile

  • You are a (almost graduated) podiatrist;
  • You have good social skills;
  • You have a good command of the English language.



At RondOm

  • You have independent consultations with patients;
  • You perform podiatric examinations and establish foot treatment plans;
  • You create and machine your podiatric soles with the grinder; 
  • You provide preventive education and advice to patients;
  • You consult and collaborate with other secondary care providers such as general practicioners and physical therapists.
  • You work with the latest examination and treatment techniques such as ultrasound, shockwave, dry needling, Run3D analysis, digital pressure measurement analysis (Footwork), EXO-L braces, taping  and podiatric (sports) soles.
  • You perform treatments such as fitting podiatric soles, orthoses, braces and nail braces, felt therapy and instrumental treatments.


3d analyse


About RondOm Podotherapeuten

RondOm Podotherapeuten employs more than 100 all-round, diabetes, pediatric and sports podiatrists, ultrasound technicians, movement scientists and clinical epidemiologists. They are supported by a science team and a front and back office of some 75 people, consisting of lab technicians, management, phone operators, accounting and a PR team, among others.

We are an ambitious and enthusiastic company where we work in an informal atmosphere. Our podiatrists come mainly from the Netherlands, but also from Belgium, Spain and South Africa. RondOm’s foreign podiatrists often live in groups together in apartments, e.g. in Heemskerk and Zoetermeer. As an organisation we are known as always enthusiastic, dynamic and collegial, and besides the work, we find sociability and relaxation within the team very important! So we do a lot of fun things together. Think parties, dinners and trips abroad.  

Want to know more?

Moving to the Netherlands

Working and moving abroad is of course very exciting, but can be scary as well! That’s why we will make sure to guide you properly. When you join our team you will get a buddy who will help you with everything: from getting a house, arranging health insurance and a Dutch debit card to showing you around the company and meeting colleagues.

Don’t worry about the language! Dutch people speak English well and you will quickly pick up the Dutch language through the language classes we offer.